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The Open Water version of the Glass Fry was a personal challenge I've been working on for several years.  I received a ton of requests for a larger open water version for Walleye, most often.  I recreated the 2nd Ice Version of the Glass Fry Base Jig to accommodate the strong and sharp Mustad Ultra Point hooks and a wire keeper.  The larger style Glass Fry had to be created in a different way.  All of the Small Ice versions are done individually by myself in a freehand method.  The amount of material used for the New Open Water Glass Effect is a much larger volume.  To control it a Mold was created for each New size.  This is the result you see now.  

Side Notes:

In order to create the Open Water versions of the Glass Fry I had to focus on how I would be able to make them.  I tried to keep the Function portion of the design high on the list.  To make everything work I had to open up tolerances for the Glass to work in the molds I had created.  In doing this the Jigs became much bulkier than I had initially wanted.  Again, if it was a Tungsten Base jig I could make them more compact.  So, keep this in mind when debating your purchases.  I've seen larger profile baits work better than smaller one's some days but more than not a smaller offering takes more fish.  As always, I want to be transparent about everything I make.  If you are just collecting them...... It's a very cool looking bait!  Sure to be the Crown Jewel of many collections.


Material:  Lead


Prop 65:  This product contains chemicals know to the state of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

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