This is one of the smallest vibe blade baits available to date.  We have been undecided about if we want to release the Micro Vibe into full production.  We are asking for your help!  J and S will offer this to the public for a limited time at a very reduced price.  We are doing this to encourage our customers to become the Pro-Staff Product tester.  That's right we want you to tell us what you think of this bait and if we should add it to our product line.

We have fished this bait with good success.  It shines when the fish are aggressive and the need to get down fast is a must.  The vibe action we feel is somewhat limited.  It requires a very quick snap to get the bait to produce a vibe.  We feel it would be a fantastic bait for dropping on perch in a hurry.  Trout seem to love it as well.  They didn't hesitate to hammer it on testing.

Not you know what we think.  What do you think?  Let's have some fun!  Help us decide.



HOOK #14

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