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I have last years Spade Blade on CLEARANCE! 


2 Reasons

1.  I have made some small changes to the Spade Blade to make it even BETTER!  I 've made the Small Flutter Spoons on the sides cupped.  With the slightest up and down jigging, they come to life.  I've also completed a larger version of this spoon.  I've changed the Hook sizes to be appropriate for the spoon sizes.

2.  I 've made a commitment to collaborate with a well known tackle company for Mass Distribution of the Spade Blade.  They will remain unveiled until next season.  We wanted to bring the new small and larger version of the Spade Blade to you guys this season.  We ran out of time.  Don't worry about me, this was a Great deal for J and S and I will still be a part of the Spade Blade.  So, I will be clearing all my remaining stock of the Spade Blade out this season.  

If time permits I will have Custom versions of the NEW Spade Blades this season.  

Every good fisherman has an Ace up their sleeve.  When it looks bad and everyone else is Folding you have one more round in the chamber.  The Spade Blade!  Take the time to count the fish before you go over your limit!

The Spade Blade calls fish in with Rattle Noise, Flash, and Vibration!

The SPADE BLADE has it all:

1" Fish like profile

Horizontal Flutter Fall


Small Flipper Spoons for extra motion, flash and vibration

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