They said it couldn't be done......WE DID IT!  100% full temp cured powder coat paint on a tungsten jig.  It has taken years to master this painting technique but we have accomplished it.  We now offer it to you.  All of our jigs are final coated with a tough clear gloss coat finish for extra durability.  Non-Glow jigs are coated in UV Blast for more visibility in darker conditions.  

Our GLOW:  Our glow is a bright lasting glow.  We are not out to be the brightest jigs on the market.  We are out to help you catch more fish.  In our vast fishing experience, we have found that a dull glow is more effective in tough situations.  To achieve a SUPER BRIGHT GLOW, a thick layer of paint is needed.  This makes your small tungsten a big tungsten jig.  So, a 3mm jig becomes a 5mm jig.  We feel that the profile of our glow baits is closer to actual jig size than any on the market with this level of glow.  Don't take our word for it!  Compare them!   Also, the price is higher to achieve these SUPER BRIGHT GLOW levels.  We see no reason for it and don't offer it.  BRIGHT GLOW is for SHOW.  Almost all jigs work when fish are biting.  Our jigs are made to catch the TUFF BITE!  We are all Fishermen first and do our best to give the Angler the best day on the water possible.  Combine our jigs with our plastics and you have a fish catching combo that's hard to beat.  Set the hook!

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