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Well, that was one long week of shipping!  We wrapped up most of the shipping yesterday from the entire week.  It took Dennis and DJ's help to get it done.  I wrapped up the rest of it this morning.  We had a few exceptions.  We had some issues with inventory.  All that were effected have been notified.  

Today I'm cleaning up what looks like a ground zero location.  When that's done I will start working on jigs again.  

When will the next release happen?  

Good question.  With all the orders coming in I haven't been able to do much work on jigs.  The plan moving forward is to RESTOCK on a weekly basis.  That means what I get done will be added to the website.  

Will I announce the Restock?

Most of the time I will not.  I want to get a break from this "Black Friday" thing.  When I set a hard date and time I have to get things done before that and it creates a lot of unnecessary pressure on me.  I think by not announcing restock or releases things will last longer.  It should help cut back on the Multiple Orders as well.  The Multiple orders are very time consuming on the back end of the program.  I'd like to spend more time making more jigs instead of spending extra time on shipping.

When will you know when a Restock has happened?

This new NEWS section is the ticket.  When I restock or release anything to the website I will post it in this section.  I will put the DATE, TIME and what was put up on the site.

What about Facebook and Instagram?

I want to start using those for more interactive ideas.  I'd like to show more of how I use what I make to catch fish.  I'd like to discuss more ideas with you all.  A big part of why I do this is because of the interaction I have with you CRAZY Fisher Peeps.  I think we can build on that and make this more about people and fishing.....not just drops.

I plan to do special events through social media.  So, make sure you keep checking back.  I want to do contests, giveaways and more.  Should be a fun season!

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SURPRISE!  6-25-23 @ 3PM  CST

SURPRISE! 6-25-23 @ 3PM CST

11-18-2021 Release 1PM CST

11-18-2021 Release 1PM CST

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