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Home of 8 My Bait and J and S!
Welcome to 8 My Bait and J and S Custom Jigs!  If you are looking for the quality jigs and plastics that CATCH FISH, you have come to the right place!  We offer fish catching patterns and some of the most effective plastics in the industry.   

8 My Bait

8 My Bait started as a hobby in the basement.  Soldering blade jigs and pouring lead in the garage. Learning to paint jigs by reading through forums, watching videos, and trial and error.  I always had a need to do something new and different.  I decided to master powder paints.   I started with lead jigs and got the basics down after trying different ways.  I started selling open water jigs and enjoyed making the jigs and meeting new people that shared my passion of fishing.  The only thing I love more is ice fishing.  I decided to make a go at tungsten.  After a lot of failures I finally figured it out!  The jigs I make today are made to the best of my ability.  They are very high in quality and will catch fish.  I have reached my initial goals of making great tackle and being an asset to the wonderful fishing community.  It has always been a dream to become part of the fishing industry.  Dreams do come true.  I hope you enjoy using my products and have some great adventures.

J and S Custom Jigs was created by Jeremy Lustila.  He is also an avid fisherman with passion for creating fish catching tackle.  His vision for designing plastics that catch fish is nothing short of perfection.  When I first saw the J and S Icemite it was love at first sight.  J and S Custom Jigs was my reason for switching to plastics over live bait.  I had never used a plastic through the ice that worked so well.  All of Jeremy's creations covered all of my needs.  By luck Jeremy and I started chatting on Facebook as many of us have.  It was an instant explosion of ideas for new creations to come as we talked often.  Later on Jeremy asked if I would be interested in taking the company that he had built.  I was stunned!  I never thought in a million years that I would own my favorite plastic company.  After a couple of years here we are now.  J and S joins 8 My Bait to form an unbeatable duo.  

Nothings better then a cold and crisp morning.  The sound of ice chips flying off of my auger blades.  The water and slush from my scoop hitting the ice.  The first drop and the RED marks heading up!  That's why I'm here for this reason.  It's the passion of it all and the people I meet that make this so special.

8 My Bait and J and S is located on the fringe of the ice belt in Walford, IOWA.  

PO BOX 341

Walford, IA  52351

E-mail Us:  8 My Bait

Phone or Text:  319.431.4880


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