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Just take it?
Good morning! It appears our ice storm has passed and the high winds have arrived. 30-40mph winds today. Anyone want to go fishing?🤣
Last year I tried to do this and muffed it. This year I’m ready to try it again. I think this time I’ll get things right!
I will offer 3 levels of Grab Bags.
Jack. $25
Queen. $50
King. $100
Each bag will have items totaling at least Double of what is spent. Example: the King Grab Bag will have at least $200 worth of items. Here’s the list of products the bags may contain:
2x Made to Order Jigs
Glass Fry
Tungsten Jigs
Original Demon Tongue Spoons (from my stash)
Custom Demon Tongue Spoons
Ice Reapers
Spade Blade 4 packs
Ice Plastic Sample packs
Stocking Hats
Eurotackle Micro Vibers (not custom)
That’s a lot of Stuff!
These will be available tomorrow morning 2/24/23 8am cst on the website. I will provide a link in tomorrows post and in the website News Section. I’ll be limiting the number of Bags available. This will historically be the largest discount I’ve ever offered! Gett’em while they last!
If anyone has questions about anything message me or ask in the comments!
Don’t get blown away today!

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And the Winners are?

And the Winners are?

SURPRISE!  6-25-23 @ 3PM  CST

SURPRISE! 6-25-23 @ 3PM CST

GRAB BAGS!  2/24/23 @8am CST

GRAB BAGS! 2/24/23 @8am CST

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