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JAN 9, 2022 @ 3:30 pm CST

Several of the items I put up today are in small quantities.  I have noted it next to each pattern that will be extremely limited.

Today I have added the following items to the website:

Glass Fry

Rosy Red  (small & medium)

Pimp  (small & medium)

Pink Tiger  (small)

Burnt  (small)  Qty 10 or Less

Bloodshot  (small & medium)  Qty 10 or Less

Baby Gill  (small & medium)  Qty 10 or Less

Antifreeze  (small)  Qty 10 or Less

Apocalypse  (small)  Qty 10 or Less

Infection  (medium)  Qty 10 or Less

Moldy Bread  (small)  Qty 10 or Less

Perch Fry  (small)  Qty 10 or Less

Troublegum  (small)  Qty 10 or Less

Wonder Fry  (small)  Qty 10 or Less

Zombie Fry  (medium)  Qty 10 or Less

Tungsten Teardrop

Fire and Ice  (4mm 14 hook, 5mm 10 hook)

Pinkle  (4mm 14 hook)

Midnight  (4mm 14 hook, 5mm 12 hook)


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JAN 5, 2022 @9;00AM

JAN 5, 2022 @9;00AM

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RESTOCK & RELEASES!   1-21-2022  4:30PM CST

RESTOCK & RELEASES! 1-21-2022 4:30PM CST

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