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JoJo Bucks Event is now LIVE!  MAY 19, 2022
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Raffle is Live!
If you wish to be part of the Giveaways, head over to the website and pick up some Raffle Tickets. Full list of the Rules are in the Raffle Ticket Description.
Special JoJo Bucks Glass Fry:
Available: Friday 5-20-2022 @ 7PM CST
The Special Glass Fry Jigs that I made for this event will go on the 8mybait website Friday 5-20-2022 @ 7PM CST. These Glass Fry are Priced to raise money. These are not my regular prices. Small Glass Fry will be $25 Each and Large Glass Fry will be $30 Each. It will be a limited number of these. Once they are gone, they are gone.
I plan to offer a few auctions over the event. I will be doing the auction through the Facebook Page.
Auction 1:
Starts: Today Thursday 5-19-2022 @7PM CST
Ends: Friday 5-20-2022 @7PM CST
Prize: My Lake of the Woods Jig Case
8x 7mm Tungsten Glass Fry
1x 5mm Tungsten Glass Fry
8x 7mm Jumbo Deadstick Tungsten Jigs
1x Wrecking Ball Gold/Pink
2x Micro Vibers Gold
3x Ice Reaper Golddigger
2x Spade Blade Spoons
1x Gruv Micro Jig Box
Auction 2:
Starts: Friday 5-20-2022 @ 7PM CST
Ends: Saturday 5-21-2022 @ 7PM CST
Prize:  Win me as your personal Jig Maker.
I will make 20 Jigs for the winner.
The winner chooses:
Jig Style
Jig Size
Jig Pattern
It can be Glass Fry, Ice Reaper, Walleye jigs, Crappie Jigs or even Ball Jigs.
I will do what I can to the best of my ability for the Winner of this Auction.
Auction 3:
Starts: Saturday 5-21-2022 @ 7PM CST
Ends: Sunday 5-22-2022 @ 7PM CST
Prize:  Win them all!
The winner of this auction will receive 1 of each of the Special Glass Fry that I made for this event. 11 jigs in Total in a Gruv Micro Jig Box.
I hope you all get behind this and support it. If you have any questions feel free to message me or text me.

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Glass Fry Restock!  5-01-2022 @6:30 PM CST

Glass Fry Restock! 5-01-2022 @6:30 PM CST

SURPRISE!  6-25-23 @ 3PM  CST

SURPRISE! 6-25-23 @ 3PM CST

Special Glass Fry Available NOW!  5/20 @ 7PM CST

Special Glass Fry Available NOW! 5/20 @ 7PM CST

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