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RELEASE FEB 12, 2022 @ 4:30PM CST

Variety is the spice of life they say.  That would be a great description of today's RESTOCKS and RELEASES!

Glass Fry

Bloodshot Fry (Small)

Brain Candy Fry (Medium)

Fire and Ice Fry (Medium,Small)

Golddigger Fry (Small)

Infection Fry (Small)

Killer Bee Fry (Medium)

Perch Fry (Small)  Less than 10 available.

Pink Tiger Fry (small)

Rosy Red Fry (Small)

Troublegum (Medium)


Alien Blood (8)

Blink (8)

Crappie Crack (8)

Diamond (10)

Ghost (8)

Killer Bee (8)  NEW

Orange Leaf (8)

Perch Glow (10)

Toad Stool (10)

Tungsten Teardrop

Brain Candy (5mm 10, 4mm 10, 4mm 12)

Fire and Ice (4mm 14)

Fire Chicken (5mm 12, 4mm 10, 4mm 12)  NEW

Gobstopper (5mm 12, 4mm 10)

Golden Tiger (5mm 12, 4mm 12)

Grapes of Wrath (5mm 12, 4mm 14)

Maul (5mm 12)  NEW

Nemo (5mm 12, 4mm 14)

Pink Tiger (5mm 10, 4mm 10)

Shiner (5mm 12) NEW

Sweet Thang (5mm 12, 4mm 14)  NEW

Tikki (5mm 12, 4mm 14)  NEW

Ting Ting (5mm 12)  NEW

Tungsten Moon

Ting Ting  (4mm 14)  NEW

Double Trouble

Angry Minx  (4mm 14)

Royal Blood (4mm 14)

Demon Tongue Spoon

Booty Call (Medium)  Sale!

Bruise (Medium)  Sale!

Golden Perch (Medium)  Sale!

Lagoon (Medium)  Sale!


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Special Glass Fry Available NOW!  5/20 @ 7PM CST

Special Glass Fry Available NOW! 5/20 @ 7PM CST

Feb 21, 2022 @ 7PM CST

Feb 21, 2022 @ 7PM CST

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