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The Tungsten Moon Jig is a great alternative to the traditional Tungsten Teardrop.  If you fish pressured waters it's always a great idea to try a bait the fish may not have seen as often.  The Tungsten Moon Jig is a more  vertical pattern.  It can be fished with a different cadence than a Teardrop Jig.  Different profile and cadence can make all the difference!  When the Moon Jig originally came out it was introduced with a size #14 hook.  I felt the jig needed a larger hook.  We have added a Size #12 hook.  A wider gap improved hook ups and holds bigger fish much better.


This is a PRE-ORDER for the upcoming season. Orders will be processed in the order they are received. Your jigs will ship as soon as they are produced. The longer you wait to pre-order, the longer you may have to wait for them. I'll offer these as long as my Jig inventory lasts. This may be the only time these are offered for this season.

The Bumps That Get the THUMPS!

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