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This is the Original that started it all.  The Brain Candy is like no other jig you have ever seen before.....neither have the fish.  These Jigs are made by hand by Travis "the Jig Guy" Krousie. 

What makes them so unique?  The pattern is the first thing that stands out...and the bumps.  Resin dots are placed with precision on the jig, one by one.  These dots harness a ridiculous amount of hand picked GLOW pigment.  Brain Candy jigs have some of the best glow ever seen on an ice jig.  

"When I first made this jig I wasn't sure if it would catch fish.  It was so unique and unlike anything I'd seen before.  My worries soon turned into excitement after using the jig on the hardwater."

Since the release of this jig, many anglers have seen the light!  It has become known as a killer for Crappies, Perch and Gills. 

It's the "BUMPS that get the THUMPS!"

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