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12-12-2021 5pm CST

I waited till the last minute on this restock.  It's been one of those weeks. 

Glass Fry

Antifreeze (Small)

Apocalypse (Small)

Baby Gill (Small)

Bloodshot (Small)

Pink Tiger (Small)  NEW!!!!

Troublegum (Small)


Apocalypse  (Size 10)  NEW!!!!

Antifreeze  (Size 10)  NEW!!!!

Tungsten Teardrop

Spectrum (5MM & 4MM)

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12-2-2021 RESTOCK!

SURPRISE!  6-25-23 @ 3PM  CST

SURPRISE! 6-25-23 @ 3PM CST

12-18-2021 6pm CST

12-18-2021 6pm CST

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