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12-2-2021 RESTOCK!

Here's your weekly RESTOCK!

Glass Fry:

Glass Fry 12 Pack

Small Antifreeze

Small Baby Gill

Small Brain Candy

Small Burnt Toast

Small Fire and Ice

ICE Reapers:

Barbie Blood Size 8

Booty Call Size 10 (NEW)

Freak Show Shifting Skin 10 (NEW)

Freak Show Camo Frost Shifting Skin 10 (NEW)

Ghost Glow 10 (NEW)

Perch Glow 10

Plum Crazy Shifting Skin 10 (NEW)

Pretty In Pink 10 (NEW)

Tungsten Teardrop:

Wonder Bread 5mm Size #12 hook

Double Trouble:

Franken Perch


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11-28-2021  9:30am

11-28-2021 9:30am

SURPRISE!  6-25-23 @ 3PM  CST

SURPRISE! 6-25-23 @ 3PM CST

12-12-2021 5pm CST

12-12-2021 5pm CST

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